Your gift helps us fill the gaps.

By supporting the Texas Health 365 Fund, you help us provide important treatments and services to meet the greatest needs within our North Texas community.

Every day of the year, your gift transforms a life.

Day 37
Your gift helps us provide music therapy to adults and children at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano.

Continuing Nursing Education

Great nurses can make all the difference during a hospital stay. They comfort you, inform you and make your care their personal priority.

The Texas Health 365 Fund helps ensure these wonderful caregivers receive the advanced training they need.

Your gift fills the gaps and provides academic scholarships, continuing education programs and research grants so our nurses can excel in their careers and continue providing compassionate care to patients across North Texas.

Technology & Equipment

With your support of the Texas Health 365 Fund, we can continue to bring the world’s most advanced medical technologies to North Texas.

Your gift helps us acquire innovative new equipment for cardiac care and early cancer detection, advanced surgical robots for minimally invasive procedures and technologies for our medical simulation center.

And more important, your gift helps us fill the gaps so that the best minds in medicine have the tools they need to save lives.

Patient Wellness

At Texas Health Resources, we have always been focused on the total well-being of our patients.

We recognize that good health is about more than medicine and annual checkups. It’s about fostering healthy lifestyles through nutrition, exercise, education and early interventions.

From free cancer screenings and community outreach initiatives to preventive health programs, your gift fills the gaps so our hospitals can ensure fewer people actually have to visit them.

Caring for the Whole Person

We strive to care for the mind, body and spirit of every patient, every day of the year.

Recognizing that hospitals can sometimes be stressful and intimidating places to visit, the Texas Health 365 Fund helps create more inviting waiting areas, family lounges and exam rooms.

Your gift also fills the gaps to support pastoral care services, palliative care programs and services to help manage chronic diseases. By helping us focus on each patient as a whole person, you, in turn, allow our patients to focus on what’s truly important – their own health and recovery.

Our Mission

Texas Health Resources seeks to improve the health of the people in the communities we serve.

Body+Mind+Spirit=Texas Health Resources